Basculanta cu sasiu rigid TEREX TR-100

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Categorie Basculanta cu sasiu rigid
Model TR-100
An 2002
Pret 135000
Descriere 12 AVAILABLE ========================== TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831086 HRS 21066 2001/09/01 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831088 HRS 24034 2001/09/02 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831089 HRS 23976 2001/09/02 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831090 HRS 25729 2001/09/02 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831091 HRS 20026 2001/09/16 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831093 HRS 17552 2001/09/15 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831094 HRS 16017 2001/09/15 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831115 HRS 26026 2002/06/12 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831123 HRS 17498 2002/06/14 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831124 HRS 26571 2002/06/16 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831125 HRS 18092 2002/07/16 TEREX TR-100. s/nT7831134 HRS 21514 2002/07/16 Price is Fas durban port. offers for parcel accepted

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mario crolla


1 reilly street, hulme, , m155nb, manchester, (UNITED KINGDOM)

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